zondag 14 april 2013

Making your own energy bars

Making your own energy bars is a good idea, for at least the following 3 reasons: It's cheaper than buying them from the shop, it's a fun and painless cooking experience, and you have a better appreciation for how much sugar and fat is in an energy bar.

The recipe below, which makes about 25 bars, is my hybrid invention with ideas borrowed from a handful of recipes I found online. You can essentially throw in any nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, oats, cereals and muesli you like, in any proportions you think will taste good. The only thing to keep in mind is to make enough "glue" to keep the bars together.

Here's what I glued together:

200g roasted mixed nuts, crushed with blender or knife
100g Special K, crushed
75g raisins, ideally chopped into smaller pieces (whole raisins blow up in the over)
50g sweetened, dried cranberries
100g oats
100g dark chocolate, crushed into small blocks (I crushed pellets into smaller bits)

100g date bar (that's dried dates sold as a square block for cooking purposes)
1 banana (2 would have worked too)
60g (1 heaped table spoon) peanut butter (More works too if you want a stronger peanut butter taste)
120g liquid honey (a bit less possibly if you use more dates, bananas or peanut butter)

After having mixed the glue with the solid ingredients, you can spray an oven dish with some olive oil and spread the energy bar mixture over the dish. It is very important that you push it tightly as if you were making a tar road, otherwise your bars will fall apart.

Lastly, bake the dish for 10 minutes at 160 degrees celsius, and another 10 minutes at 120 degrees. A few minutes after you've taken the dish out, you can cut it into individual bars. I got 27 bars out of my mixture.

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